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New York Women’s Equality Act

Heather Burke | November 6, 2019
The WEA was a 10-point bill designed to address barriers to women’s equality and to promote equity....

Nonprofits Should Protect Voters’ Rights from the Coronavirus

Heather Burke | April 6, 2020
Stay-at-home orders and rising coronavirus infection rates have changed all of our lives. While it is tempting to stay focused on our immediate needs, challenges, and opportunities, we cannot ignore important events that are months away. While we are all hopeful that the coronavirus will be in the rearview mirror… Read More

Foundations speak out on DACA

Abby Levine | September 20, 2017
Criticizing a decision by an executive branch official does not constitute lobbying under federal tax law. And, publicly...

AFJ Weighs In

Heather Burke | July 16, 2018
Our commitment to supporting nonprofits and foundations does not stop at providing resources and information on advocacy. We fight for your right to advocate, at the state and federal levels. We monitor Congress and federal agencies for changes in rules that affect advocacy, and act when it’s needed. We also… Read More

What Nonprofits Can Do in a Contested Election

Tim Mooney | October 22, 2020
Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about a contested election....

Unauthorized Ballot Boxes and Ballot Collection in California

Nona RandoisQuyen Tu | October 21, 2020
In the past week, news reports have surfaced that unofficial ballot drop boxes were placed in Fresno, Los Angeles, Orang...

Election Days Advocacy

Quyen Tu | October 19, 2020
Voting is not just happening on November 3, 2020; in many states, it is happening right now as you are reading this. Non...

Don’t take the right to vote for granted

Abby LevineQuyen Tu | October 8, 2020