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Public Foundations and Advocacy

ldinapoli | June 13, 2018
Learn how public foundations, including women’s foundations, may engage in and support advocacy and lobbying. Further Readings: Foundations speak out on DACA… Read More

Public Charities Can Lobby: Guidelines for 501(c)(3) Public Charities

ldinapoli | June 13, 2018
501(c)(3) public charities can lobby within the generous limits allowed by federal law. This fact sheet explains the two tests charities can use to measure their lobbying. Further Readings: Can 501 (c)(3)s call for oversight hearings? and Litigation Update: Census 2020 Citizenship Question… Read More

The Connection

ldinapoli | June 13, 2018
Learn about best practices for affiliated organizations and the role 501(c)(4) organizations play in our democracy....

Washington Ballot Measure Advocacy Chart

ldinapoli | June 13, 2018
This activity-based guide provides 501(c)(3)s with helpful information in determining which ballot measure activities count towards an organization’s IRS lobbying limit, and which activities qualify as a contribution to a political committee under Washington State campaign finance law. This chart serves to complement AFJ’s Washington Campaign Finance and Ballot Measure… Read More
Nan Aron 2019

Nan Aron

Heather Burke | July 17, 2018
Nan Aron is the founder and president of Alliance for Justice (AFJ), the leading progressive advocacy organization on ju...

Unauthorized Ballot Boxes and Ballot Collection in California

Nona RandoisQuyen Tu | October 21, 2020
In the past week, news reports have surfaced that unofficial ballot drop boxes were placed in Fresno, Los Angeles, Orang...

Election Days Advocacy

Quyen Tu | October 19, 2020
Voting is not just happening on November 3, 2020; in many states, it is happening right now as you are reading this. Non...

Don’t take the right to vote for granted

Abby LevineQuyen Tu | October 8, 2020