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California Advocacy Resources

Heather Burke | July 30, 2018
Nonprofit organizations that engage in public policy advocacy in California may have reporting obligations under California’s Political Reform Act (PRA) and its implementing regulations. Take a look at our resources below to learn more about the PRA and its impact on nonprofit advocacy in California, particularly with respect to… Read More

Yes, Nonprofits, You Can Lobby

ldinapoli | April 8, 2014
Lobbying is not only a perfectly legal activity for 501(c)(3) groups to engage in -- it is extremely effective....

501(c)(3) Public Charities and Ballot Measures

Heather Burke | July 28, 2018
501(c)(3) public charities may legally express positions on ballot initiatives, referenda, state constitutional amendments, city charter amendments, bond measures, and other policies put to a direct vote of the public (although they must be careful not to suggest support or opposition to any candidates for public office). Ballot measure advocacy… Read More

Can 501(c)(3)s call for oversight hearings?

Nikhil Pillai | March 6, 2019

Private Foundations and Charitable LLCs

Nikhil Pillai | March 4, 2019
What is the difference between a limited liability corporation (LLC) and a private foundation?...

Advocating in Missouri? You may be a Lobbyist

Nikhil Pillai | February 1, 2019
On November 28, 2018, an Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Calzone v. Missouri Ethics Commission, upheld the Missouri...

Complying with the Federal Robocall Law? It’s Hard…

Leslie Barnes | January 30, 2019
New technology has made it easy and affordable for organizations to communicate with supporters, donors, and members of ...

Speak Out Now to Protect College Students

Ronnie Pawelko | January 28, 2019
Wednesday, January 30, is the last day to submit comments on a proposed regulation that addresses how college campuses a...