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Heather Burke | October 17, 2018
Calling for a Veto? Can Nonprofits Call for Impeachment? Can Private Foundations Fund Nonprofits that Lobby? Can We Comment on Candidate’s Statements? Can You Give a Candidate Your Email List? Does taking a stand on executive actions qualify as lobbying under federal tax law?… Read More

Bolder Advocacy Workshops
For Nonprofits and Foundations

Heather Burke | April 18, 2019
Bolder Advocacy has provided trainings to thousands of nonprofit organizations.  We work with nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers to improve their understanding of the legal issues involved in influencing public policy advocacy so they can maximize their advocacy and election-related activities, learn what it takes to engage in effective advocacy,… Read More

Lobbying Series Part 4 – Lobbying Exceptions

Jasmine Newman | February 24, 2021   Our attorneys for this episode: Leslie Barnes Tim Mooney Shyaam Subramanian Shownotes On this episode, our fourth in our on-going lobbying series, we’ll focus… Read More

Advancing Policy to New Elected Officials: Introduction to Lobbying

Ryann Alonso | December 2, 2020   Now that elections are “mostly” behind us, we wanted to turn our attention to lobbying for policy changes no matter where you are or what project you work on. Our attorneys for this episode: Leslie Barnes  Jen Powis Shyaam… Read More

Administrative Advocacy

Jasmine Newman | December 17, 2020
Nonprofits have a wide variety of advocacy tools at their disposal to create change in their communities, including both...

Lobbying Series Part 2 – Direct Lobbying 

Ryann Alonso | January 27, 2021   Our attorneys for this episode: Jen Powis Shyaam Subramanian Leslie Barnes Shownotes In this episode, our second in our on-going intro to lobbying series, we’ll focus on direct lobbying for public charities that have… Read More

Lobbying Series Part 1 – Introduction to Lobbying

Jasmine Newman | January 13, 2021 Our attorneys for this episode: Quyen Tu Tim Mooney Natalie Ossenfort Shownotes On this episode, we begin a multi-part series on lobbying for 501(c)(3) public charities — the limits, the definitions, the exceptions and much more. If you’re advocating on… Read More

Yes, Nonprofits, You Can Lobby

ldinapoli | April 8, 2014
Lobbying is not only a perfectly legal activity for 501(c)(3) groups to engage in -- it is extremely effective....