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Instrucciones – ACT!

Heather Burke | July 23, 2018
La siguiente información será útil para completar la Herramienta para Medir Capacidad: Identificar áreas para fortalecer Analizar los resultados Conseguir acceso y contribuir a los recursos para fortalecer la capacidad de abogar Repasar la ACT! completa o parcial Identifique áreas para fortalecer Favor de… Read More

Are you a 501(c)(4) making Independent Expenditures? You may (soon) be subject to increased disclosure.

Nikhil Pillai | July 12, 2018
Nikhil Pillai is Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Initiative at Alliance for Justice. He consults with and trains nonprof...

New Resource: LGBTQ Advocacy Toolkit

Leslie Barnes | April 16, 2018
Leslie comes to Alliance from Justice from private and government practice. Having worked as Co-General Counsel for the ...

Welcome to Our New Website!

Abby Levine | April 12, 2018
Abby Levine serves as Director of the Bolder Advocacy initiative at Alliance for Justice. Abby’s work includes creat...

Marcia Egbert, The George Gund Foundation

Heather Burke | July 17, 2018
Egbert talks about how funders can use AFJ’s Advocacy Capacity Tool to determine which potential grantees have the g...

Alliance for Justice and Council on Foundations File Amicus Brief

Heather Burke |
On January 31, 2017, Alliance for Justice and Council on Foundations filed a joint amicus brief in Parks Foundation v...