Andrew Phifer

Involving Young People in Advocacy is a Win-Win

Voting certainly is a great way to become engaged with your community—but so is advocacy! How does involving youth in issue campaigns strengthen civic engagement and advocacy efforts?

Rebecca Cappy

Looking Ahead to 2016: Tips for Maintaining Engagement

Alliance for Justice gathered experts in Oakland to discuss what lessons nonprofits should take from the series of successful ballot measure campaigns in 2014. In particular, how can advocates maintain momentum on their issues in 2015 and beyond?

Nayantara Mehta

Registering Voters? Know the Rules

Learn about the role nonprofits can play to expand nonpartisan voter engagement and mobilize millions of Americans to get involved this election year.

Shukry Cattan

March Election Madness in L.A.

This year’s Los Angeles County election is a reminder to nonprofits across the nation that voter engagement work should be ongoing.