Building Advocacy: Put Some Money on the Tortoise in the Race

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Strengthening a nonprofit’s capacity to influence public policy is a long-term investment, but one that is extremely effective. Despite being a common refrain, those studying nonprofits and their funding partners keep emphasizing how important it is to do more to build advocacy capacity, even for social change leaders.

Andrew Phifer

Foundations Funding Advocacy, Play by Play

Have you ever heard a foundation staff member, trustee or consultant warn of the risky waters for funding lobbying? I’ve heard this numerous times, which is why I’m excited about an excellent new resource to recommend to advocacy skeptics on what is allowed in clear, easily digestible language: the Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy initiative’s Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook.


What Funders Should Know in Order to Help Strengthen Grantees’ Advocacy

It’s great for our democracy that many foundations are delving more deeply into strengthening their grantees’ advocacy capacity, convening, and of course, making grantmaking decisions which support advocacy. Knowing what grantees say they need in order to be effective voices for their constituents can help inform these foundation activities. Our 2015 ACT Data & Analysis can provide some of that information. This report provides results from the first 280 users of Bolder Advocacy’s online version of the self-assessment Advocacy Capacity Tool.

Andrew Phifer

Why Advocacy? Talking Points for Nonprofits and Foundations

Advocacy is an important tool to help an organization advance its mission. You know that and we know that, but perhaps you need some help convincing colleagues or board members that engaging in advocacy is essential for your organization. Well, you’re in luck! Click for a fact sheet and video on the benefit of engaging in advocacy…

Christine Reeves Strigaro

AFJ’s Foundation Program Speaker Series Launches with an Advocacy Lens on Mission Investing

Last Thursday, Alliance for Justice kicked off its Foundation Program Speaker Series, which puts AFJ’s signature advocacy lens on important and emerging topics in philanthropy. To launch the series, we asked: “How Are Some Foundations Guiding Their Mission through Grants & Investments?”

Margi Clarke

What funders should know about opposition attacks

Crisis preparedness and thoughtful crisis responses can strengthen organizational capacity across the board. The Weathering the Storms project helps groups make progress in just a few weeks or months, and helps funders meet goals around due diligence and gain assurance about grantees’ resilience in the face of attacks. Learn more…