Building Advocacy: Put Some Money on the Tortoise in the Race

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Strengthening a nonprofit’s capacity to influence public policy is a long-term investment, but one that is extremely effective. Despite being a common refrain, those studying nonprofits and their funding partners keep emphasizing how important it is to do more to build advocacy capacity, even for social change leaders.


What Funders Should Know in Order to Help Strengthen Grantees’ Advocacy

It’s great for our democracy that many foundations are delving more deeply into strengthening their grantees’ advocacy capacity, convening, and of course, making grantmaking decisions which support advocacy. Knowing what grantees say they need in order to be effective voices for their constituents can help inform these foundation activities. Our 2015 ACT Data & Analysis can provide some of that information. This report provides results from the first 280 users of Bolder Advocacy’s online version of the self-assessment Advocacy Capacity Tool.

Andrew Phifer

Piecing together a plan for successful advocacy

Successful advocacy is a lot like a puzzle. Advocates need to make sure they have all of the pieces of their plan in place, that they fit together, and that they allow for flexibility to adapt strategies as needed. Check our first piece in a five-part series for funders that breaks advocacy into 18 specific steps.

Andrew Phifer

Power to the Nonprofits!

Would you feel bolder if you had 72,000 others along with you to advocate for your cause? Well, we have good news for you. CalNonprofits first-ever economic impact report shows that nonprofit sector is strong! Read about some of its findings…


Assessing People Power—PowerCheck: A new tool for community organizing

Community organizing can be a complex process. To assess an organization’s power and sustainability, it’s important to understand its readiness to engage and empower constituents. Bolder Advocacy has a way to determine an organization’s ability to engage in organizing—PowerCheck: a tool for assessing community organizing capacity.

Nayantara Mehta

California Policy Update for Nonprofit Advocates

The Alliance for Justice West Coast office has been monitoring, and in some cases weighing in on, a number of state and local legislative and regulatory matters that affect nonprofit advocacy across California. Probably most significant was the passage of SB 27, which defines when a nonprofit spending money to influence California elections must register as a political committee, and the current development of the implementing regulations.