Andrew Phifer

Advocates stand up for senior citizens—and you can too

Forced arbitration is a pernicious practice that shuts everyday Americans out of court when they are defrauded by big business or discriminated against at work. But did you know that forced arbitration is often a problem for our senior citizens in nursing homes? Learn how advocates across the country are rallying support to remove forced arbitration from nursing home contracts and how you can join.

Andrew Phifer

Ban the Box Coalition Works to Give Ex-Offenders a Fair Chance

Criminal justice reform advocates have been gaining momentum over the past decade implementing Ban the Box and Fair Chance policies, which now exist in 17 states, Washington D.C, and 100 cities and counties. This legislation takes several forms, but most simply it eliminates the box on job applications asking whether a potential employee has a criminal record.

Andrew Phifer

Fight for $15 Advocates Make Progress Through Administrative Advocacy

April 15th was a big day­—and not just because it was Tax Day! On April 15th, thousands of fast food workers, organized by the Fight for $15 movement, went on strike from coast to coast in what was described as the “largest protest by low wage workers in US history.” And while advocates in the streets were calling for a raise in the minimum wage, the New York Governor’s office was listening.

Rebecca Cappy

How Nonprofit Advocacy Spurred the President to Act

Recent executive orders were largely the result of months and years of hard work by advocates from nonprofits and other organizations across the country. Such advocacy is made possible because working on executive actions and regulations does not count as lobbying toward nonprofit’s annual lobbying limit.