An executive order (EO) signed by President Donald J. Trump this morning could welcome more overt political activity by charities and churches. It also appears to open the door for more litigation against his administration.

The Nonprofit Times | April 5, 2017
This post-election period brings a whirlwind of activity as new administrations and legislatures get ready to take office. It also brings a wealth of opportunities for donor organizations that care deeply about policy issues and want their contributions to make a real difference in legislation and policymaking. 
Philanthropy Journal | January 17, 2017

A local environmental group is being accused of violating federal tax law by accepting payments from an allied political group to fund staff work on behalf of the Democratic mayoral campaigns of Bob Filner and David Alvarez.

The San Diego Union-Tribune | December 26, 2016

Election season presents tremendous opportunities for philanthropic organizations to educate voters and candidates on the issues core to their charitable missions. Through strategies such as civic engagement and public policy advocacy, nonprofit organizations can expand the reach and impact of their activities. Alliance for Justice’s (AFJ) Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook helps foundations and their grantee partners understand how advocacy leverages their grant dollars, strengthens their missions, and helps them shape positive policy change to benefit the communities they serve.

Grantmakers In Health | October 1, 2016

Proposition C on November’s ballot was intended to root out so-called “astro-turf” nonprofits fronting for politically influential corporations, but instead casts too wide a net and sweeps in our city’s patchwork quilt of community- and faith-based organizations that represent the voice of neighborhoods and vulnerable communities. By doing so, Prop C threatens San Francisco’s rich history of including diverse public voices in policy debates. Instead of running the risk of failing to comply with complicated registration and reporting requirements, many small and medium-sized organizations will simply decide not to engage in advocacy.

San Francisco Examiner | October 1, 2015

At a panel recently hosted by Foundation Center Cleveland Office, John Corlett, Executive Director of the nonpartisan think tank, The Center for Community Solutions, and Marcia Egbert, Senior Program Officer at the George Gund Foundation, discussed the relationship between advocacy and philanthropy, why and how foundations support advocacy, and how to determine whether the time is right for your organization to start making an advocacy splash. Below are some helpful takeaways from this enlightening discussion.

Foundation Center | August 19, 2015