Foundations have been supporting advocacy for years.  There’s a wealth of knowledge, experience, and stories to be shared about the challenges and successes of foundation efforts to help organizations and communities achieve enormous and lasting successes.  Since philanthropy can be carried out in so many different ways, Bolder Advocacy brings together a wide range of voices representing the gamut: foundations—private and public, large and small, regional, national, and global; individual donors, trustees, and foundation staff; grantees; associations of regional and issue-based foundations; and more.

Lean more about what funders and other nonprofit leaders have to say about supporting advocacy in Words to Give By.


Speaking Out Interviews:

Hugh Hogan, North Star Fund
Hogan explains how investing in grassroots advocacy and organizing helped curtail the controversial NYC police practice of “stop and frisk.”
chattanoogaKara Fagan, The Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga
Through its advocacy at the local and state level, the Women’s Fund is learning that policy change can impact millions of people beyond the life of the organization.
Rockefeller Family Fund: Hard-Hitting Advocacy for Economic Justice
The Fund supports campaigns for paid sick leave around the country and recently celebrated a second victory.
speirn-bigSterling Speirn, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
At an executive roundtable held by the Aspen Institute, Speirn urged funders to have patience when solving big problems and explained how Kellogg came to focus on racial equity and healing.
edie-mary-photo-webThe Boston Foundation: Funding LGBT Rights for Decades
The community foundation has a long history of supporting LGBT civil rights — even filing an amicus brief at the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA.
Geri Mannion, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mannion reflects on how nonpartisan civic engagement has changed over the years and cautions that democracy work is “not for the faint of heart.”
David Beckwith, The Needmor Fund
Beckwith shares his views on the role of community organizing and why it’s such a good investment for foundations.
Marcia Egbert, The George Gund Foundation
Egbert talks about how funders can use AFJ’s Advocacy Capacity Tool to determine which potential grantees have the greatest likelihood of success.
Campion Foundation: Advocacy to End Homelessness

don-andreThis Seattle-based foundation built a strategic network to make visible progress on policy goals.
Brico Fund
Brico Fund tackles big problems like the root causes of injustice and environmental degradation in its grantmaking.