Bolder Advocacy

Top 10 Posts of 2012

Not surprisingly, most of the posts making this year’s list of readers’ favorites involved the election.

1. 7 Strategies for Becoming a Fearless Ambassador for Your Cause

Organizations are most successful when they empower their internal community – especially their leadership – to advocate on their behalf.

2. Campion Foundation: Advocacy to End Homelessness

How one foundation uses its resources to attack homelessness from all angles.


Jews United for Justice in Maryland is campaigning for both marriage equality and the DREAM act.

3. ‘Not for the Faint of Heart’: Geri Mannion on Democracy Work

An interview with the Carnegie Corporation’s democracy director, who supports eforts to ensure that those least likely to vote or have barriers in their way have their voice be heard in the civic process.

4. Like a Modern Day Poll Tax

Why voter ID laws present significant obstacles to voting.

5. Historic Win for the Homeless

A profile of the Rhode Island campaign for the nation’s first ever “Homeless Bill of Rights.”

6. On the Frontlines: Responding to Voter ID Laws

Nonprofits have been at the forefront of litigation and other advocacy to mitigate the impact of these laws.

7. Ballot Measures: Tips for Successful Campaigns

What nonprofits should know about getting involved in a ballot measure campaign.

8. 7 Things to Know about Measures on the 2012 Ballot

A look at the trends, threats, and opportunities among the 174 issues that were on state ballots around the country.

9. Park Foundation Takes on Powerful Interests

When it decided to oppose fracking, the Park Foundation stirred up some powerful enemies.

10. Mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

How you can empower ethnic communities to participate in the electoral process.