Abby Levine

Thanksgiving Surprise from the IRS and Treasury

Today the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued proposed rules to clarify the definition of political activity for 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations. The proposed rules would define as political a host of election-related activities commonly conducted by 501(c)(4)s, including campaign advertising, voter registration, get-out-the-vote efforts, and distribution of voter guides and campaign materials. Click here for full text of proposed rules.

Through Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice provides technical assistance on nonprofit rules to 501(c)(4) organizations of all sizes around the country and with a variety of missions including stronger smoking laws, clean air and water, legal and affordable reproductive healthcare, and stricter gun regulations. 

We are reviewing the proposed regulations and will publish an analysis soon. We appreciate the assurances from Mark Mazur, the Treasury Assistant Secretary, that the government intends to “carefully consider all public feedback” as it works through the regulatory process.

We look forward to participating in providing that feedback. Learn more about our resources on advocacy by 501(c)(4)s.