Test Your Advocacy Fitness! Learn About Our Free, Online Tool

To help groups assess their capacity to engage in advocacy projects, last year we launched the FREE Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT).


The ACT is useful for a range of nonprofits – whether big or small groups fighting for change, a coalition of groups working together, or a foundation looking for ways to support their grantees. It can yield invaluable insights to improve advocacy efforts.

Learn more about the ACT during my 1-hour webinar on September 24 at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

Nonprofit leaders who have used it had this to say about the value of the tool:

“The Advocacy Capacity Tool is good for using with boards of directors to identify where an organization is strong and weak.  It’s not just about my opinion as executive director, but about best practices.  [I]t will help them [the board] think through our advocacy work.” Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

“I think the Advocacy Capacity Tool is fabulous for when you’re writing a grant proposal.  It will help you articulate what you can do and it will show funders your path for building your advocacy work.” Marcia Avner, Avner Consulting

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