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Elevating Issues Beyond Marriage Equality: Transgender Law Center

AFJ Member Spotlight is a new series where we highlight the great advocacy work of Alliance for Justice members. Many Bolder Advocacy blog readers may not know, but AFJ is an alliance of more than 100 national, regional, and local organizations working for a wide range of progressive causes, including civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, and consumer rights, and ensuring legal representation for all Americans. Click here for more information on the benefits of becoming an AFJ member organization.

AFJ Member Spotlight: Transgender Law Center TLC logo

What is Transgender Law Center’s issue focus? 

Transgender Law Center works to change laws, policies, and attitudes so that everyone can live free from discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. We have a legal helpline that serves 2,000-3,000 people per year, helping them with everything from gaining access to shelters and health care to changing their identity documents. We sponsor legislation to eliminate discriminatory laws and to pass new non-discrimination protections. Nationally, we educate lawmakers and join coalitions to support legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Current campaign:  #MoreThanMarriage TLC Blog 4

For over a decade, it has seemed like marriage equality has dominated the discussion about LGBT justice. It’s time for us to think more broadly so that no one gets left behind. The #MoreThanMarriage campaign is an easy way for all of our partner organizations to elevate the pressing needs of our communities––issues like immigration, prisons, youth, homelessness, health care, and others. We encourage individuals and organizations to use the hashtag on social media and submit images to accompany it.

Advocacy tip: Capitalize on events by providing supplies and making participation easy

A big lesson learned is making the campaign easy for folks to plug into. We bring signage and cameras to large events so people can easily participate. Afterward, we upload the photos to social media and tag participants so it feels very personal to them.

Who inspires you?

Laverne Cox. She is the leader we’ve been waiting for. She connects with people and gently guides them into understanding complex concepts of social justice and liberation. We need more voices like hers rising to the top.