Natalie Ossenfort

Election Season Advocacy – Silence NOT Required!

Does your 501(c)(3) organization want to speak up prior to an election?  Do you hope to increase voter turnout, or educate candidates on the issues that matter most to your cause?

While the tax code does prohibit public charities from supporting or opposing candidates, it does not require them to remain silent when elections take place.  Instead, organizations can continue to advocate on behalf of their missions, but they need to be aware of the rules and remain nonpartisan in their efforts.  So whether you want to host a candidate debate, conduct voter outreach, or engage in ballot measure advocacy, there are ways to safely and effectively proceed without jeopardizing your tax exempt status.

Join our webinar on Tuesday, May 9 (2pm EST) to learn about the election season advocacy rules for 501(c)(3)s. This one-hour webinar addresses:

  • How to safely talk about your issues and elected officials during election season,
  • How to conduct nonpartisan voter outreach efforts,
  • How to educate voters about the candidates through debates, forums and questionnaires, and
  • How to ensure that employees’ and volunteers’ election activities are not attributed to the organization.

Click here to register, and jump start your learning by checking out our user-friendly guide to nonprofit election-season advocacy: The Rules of the Game.