Ronnie Pawelko

What Can We Say Now?

With the starting of new administrations (both on the state and federal levels), many 501(c)(3) organizations  are wondering what they can say in furtherance of their missions. This is particularly true for organizations that exist to protect and advance progressive values and causes that benefit all of us. While c3s cannot imply they will work to support or oppose any elected officials when they are next up for election, they can actively be involved as new administrations take shape and begin governing.
Nonprofits and foundations have an important role to play in advancing the interests of constituents who are affected by government policies. Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy program encourages nonprofits and foundations to speak up and take part in protecting and promoting progressive values.  To help you shape their activities and messages in the coming weeks and months we have prepared a new fact sheet, Can We Really Say That? Post-Election Advocacy for 501(c)(3) Organizations.  Be a strong (and rule-following) voice for your mission. Be BOLD.