Natalie Ossenfort

The 85th Texas Legislature – Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Be a Player?

The 85h Texas Legislative session begins today, and there are a number of bills on the table that could greatly affect the rights of Texans.  Among them is a piece of proposed legislation aimed at regulating bathroom usage by transgender individuals, several bills designed to further restrict a woman’s access to an abortion, and SB 4, which would make sanctuary cities unlawful in Texas.  While these are some of the more controversial proposals up for debate over the next several months, the Legislature will also discuss hundreds of other bills that can greatly impact our families and communities.

As a result, nonprofit organizations across the state are gearing up to advocate on behalf of their missions.  While some boast detailed and expansive legislative agendas promoting policy reform, others are more focused on defending against bad policy proposals.

Unfortunately, some nonprofits choose not to actively engage in the policymaking process because they believe they are not allowed to lobby or because they are confused by the rules that apply to nonprofit advocacy.

That’s where Bolder Advocacy can help.

When we opened our Texas Office in 2015, we did so with the goal of providing customized support and resources to local nonprofit organizations on the federal, state and local rules that apply when groups advocate for sound public policy.  Why? Because not only are nonprofits allowed to lobby, but lobbying is a truly effective way for groups to address the needs of their constituents.

So, if your organization wants to take a stand on cell phone use while driving, internet voter registration, or corporal punishment in schools, know that you are likely allowed to do so and that we can help you navigate the rules.  Here are some of our more popular tools and resources to assist your 501(c)(3) when working to impact public policy in Texas, and elsewhere:

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