Natalie Ossenfort

The 85th Texas Legislature – Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Be a Player?

There are a number of bills on the table that could greatly affect the rights of Texans. Not only are nonprofits allowed to lobby, lobbying is a truly effective way for groups to address the needs of their constituents. Here are some of our more popular tools and resources.

Ronnie Pawelko

What Can We Say Now?

While c3s cannot imply they will work to support or oppose any elected officials when they are next up for election, they can actively be involved as new administrations take shape and begin governing.

Keely Monroe

7 Advocacy Tips for 2017

Advocacy is an important tool for your nonprofit to achieve its mission! It can take many forms—public education, litigation, and even lobbying—and there is no “one size fits all” approach. These tips can help your organization start the new year right.

Guest Blogger

The Election Is Over. Now What?

Must a charity still avoid saying anything that might appear to favor or oppose a candidate or political party, even though the 2016 election is finally over?

Abby Levine

Be Bold! Bolder Advocacy Can Help

Now is the time to protect the values we hold dear. We are ready to arm you with the resources, tools, and support you need.

Abby Levine

The time for advocacy is now!

A new administration is coming to Washington, DC, and new legislators, governors, and other policymakers are taking office throughout the country. Is your organization ready?

Ronnie Pawelko

Responding to the 2016 Debates

This election cycle’s presidential debates could see record-breaking viewership.