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What funders should know about opposition attacks

Crisis preparedness and thoughtful crisis responses can strengthen organizational capacity across the board. The Weathering the Storms project helps groups make progress in just a few weeks or months, and helps funders meet goals around due diligence and gain assurance about grantees’ resilience in the face of attacks. Learn more…

How Organizations Can Weather a Storm

Not all organizations will face opposition attacks, but it’s smart to be prepared! RoadMap’s new report “Weathering the Storms” outlines recent trends and shares experiences of groups taking simple steps to strengthen and ready their organization.

Best practices to strengthen and prepare organizations for opposition tactics

Social change organizations do not just fight injustice; sometimes, we also fight lies and opposition attacks. In an effort to prepare nonprofits, we need a framework to weather these attacks in ways that refocus and strengthen our work while building greater confidence in our organizations. Learn how to “ARMOR” your organization!