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The Election Is Over. Now What?

Must a charity still avoid saying anything that might appear to favor or oppose a candidate or political party, even though the 2016 election is finally over?

The time for advocacy is now!

A new administration is coming to Washington, DC, and new legislators, governors, and other policymakers are taking office throughout the country. Is your organization ready?

Transition Team Advocacy

Advocates have an important role to play when a new administration—either a new president or governor— is coming into power. Advocates will find that some of the activities discussed below will also be appropriate actions to take with newly elected legislators as well. The transition period (the time between election and inauguration days) is an important window of time when organizations, including 501(c)(3) charities, can build relationships and work to have their concerns made a priority of the new administration. There are many activities, including ones that do not constitute lobbying, that organizations can engage in to influence the policies and direction of a new administration.