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Emily Stephens

Emily is the Program Coordinator for the Northern California office of Bolder Advocacy at Alliance for Justice. She recently graduated from Georgetown University, where she majored in Science, Technology, and International Affairs, focusing on environmental health and social determinants of health. While in DC, she interned for the US Department of State and on Capitol Hill, as well as at the Feminist Majority Foundation. On campus, she focused on organizing for reproductive rights and sexual health campaigns, but is also interested in advocacy for environmental issues and public health. Emily is from Spokane, Washington, and enjoys knitting while listening to podcasts and experimental baking.

OUR STORIES: MICOP Tells Us How Bolder Advocacy Helped Them

MICOP advocates for the indigenous community across 5 areas: Health and Community Access; Community Organizing; Education; Direct Assistance; and Cultural Promotion. We wanted to make sure that as a nonprofit, that we were doing everything in compliance with the law. Click above to learn more!

Bolder Advocacy Releases New Resource on Lobbying

Has your organization just started to engage in lobbying? Are you wondering how you can be most effective when lobbying your representatives? Bolder Advocacy has a new resource for organizations that are new to lobbying.

Amplify Your Voice: Lobbying Do’s and Don’ts

You have a voice – it’s time to use it. Lobbying is a key way nonprofits can advance their mission, amplify the voices of their supporters, educate policymakers, and protect the values they hold dear.

Bolder Advocacy Announces Tip of the Week

Short, weekly videos feature quick tips in English and Spanish from our Bolder Advocacy staff about everything from advocacy capacity, lobbying, and commenting on incumbent candidates.

Election Season Advocacy – Silence NOT Required!

Does your 501(c)(3) organization want to speak up prior to an election? Do you hope to increase voter turnout, or educate candidates on the issues that matter most to your cause? While the tax code does prohibit public charities from supporting or opposing candidates, it does not require them to remain silent when elections take place.